S A N K E T  M U S I C

Artist | Physicist | Futuristic
Emotional Electronica | Trance | Progressive
I believe in music that illustrates our feelings better than words.

Sanket Music

Born in a city of Gandhi, Ahmedabad, India, is an accomplished Tabla Player and a self-taught electronic musician.Graduated in Physics as a major subject ,studied Sound Engineering and Master’s in Performing Arts with the specialisation in “Hindustani Classical Tabla”.

Sanket believes,”Indian classical music is among the world’s richest music and I think all art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”.

Not sticking to one particular style of music, He is working and experimenting on many different genres like: Electronic, Tropical House, Drum & Bass, Chill out Trance, Sound Scapes, Progressive  and  more..

His biggest influences, however were from everyday sounds happening around us in our routine life.  Sanket would notice the meter of the clock in empty class room , the micro rhythms of Charkha in Gandhi Ashram, attracted by the sounds of Rain Splash, Cicadas   and Ambience of passing trains at night.He was not just used to observe the sound from one place, but the whole trip, from closing your door at home till you arrive at work.

Started to learn Hindustani Classical Tabla ( One of the world’s Most complex percussion instruments) since childhood.

An avid lover of science subjects specially with Quantum Physics, Sanket looks for an inspiration by experiencing natural phenomena, discovering for the physics of  sounds and sounds of the Universe which reflects in his music too.

His various remixes for the likes of ATB’s “Streets of Gold”,  Gryffin & Illenium’s “Feel Good”, Björk’s Pagan Poetry have gained popularity & plays numbering the thousands.

He has had music featured on BBC radio/television, Channel 4, and various global media outlets. Music journalist Eljay Arem (Germany) and BBC Radio 1 host DJ Nihal (London) were among the first to support his music extensively on their radio show “India Meets classic” “Right Mix Of Indian Vibes” and “Asian Underground” helping to deliver it to a wider audience.

In his words, “My music is a portrait of myself, to see my
self-portrait, play my music”